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NBDoA commissioned local chefs and food technologists to develop a signature flame-grilled chicken exclusively for NBDoA. After 2 years of research and development, the end product is a unique and delectable, smoky flavoured, flame-grilled chicken which we serve with Pap and Gravy as our primary meal offering – which happens to be a firm favourite for many South Africans as well!

Our Chicken is marinated for 24 hours using a proprietary blend of seasonings and goes through a Six Step process before being grilled to perfection for each customer on a made-to-order basis.

Because of the attention to detail, the quality of our fresh, locally grown Grade A chickens and special preparation, our Flame Grilled Chicken is juicy, succulent and simply mouthwatering. We offer generous portions and our customers can choose between our three special flavours: Smokey Lemon, Smokey Medium and Smokey Hot

Only the freshest vegetables and natural ingredients are used to make our delicious Pap and Gravy that is prepared onsite by our expert cooks using our very own secret recipe. Moreover, each and every meal is freshly prepared and served within 8 minutes. Our food never sits under a heat-lamp! 

To complement the high quality of our food, we also asked local designers to create a unique and authentic restaurant ambience where customers would always feel welcome and comfortable.

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